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Our business began in 2009 with the vision to be different ..... to be a genuine value-for-money, customer-focussed service provider.  Success and growth are  our goals but not at a pace where our vision is compromised. 

We don't want to be the biggest, just the best!

Our business model, & competitive advantage, is our "high tech, low cost" approach.       
So...how is our business model so different?

  • No bricks-&-mortar shop front (no-one visits us because we come to you)
  • No expensive systems (thanks to web-hosted commercial programs)
  • No expensive staff structures (we're a family-run business with low costs)
  • No expensive advertising (low costs + controlled growth = our low price)
  • No profit-focused shareholders (family-business, no profits before people)
  • No high staff turnover (we know who you are & you know us)
  • No unfair influential clients (we focus on you, not multi-property owners)
  • No insurance/maintenance conflicts (we don't run other businesses)

Ask our competitors how their business model (& higher costs) are best for you!


We charge just one fixed monthly fee for a complete package of services. 

Specifically, we provide the following package of services to you:


1.       Corporation set-up, where applicable

2.       Meeting management (prepare agenda, minutes, proxies, etc)

3.       Financial management (budgets, fee collection, invoicing)

4.       Assist with insurance cover & claims

5.       Arrange safe-keeping

6.       Managing correspondence received and sent

7.       Record-keeping

8.       Co-ordinate repairs and maintenance

9.       Oversee compliance with legislation

10.       Provide welcome/information pack to new owners

A copy of our standard Management Agreement is available by clicking on this link:  Body_Corporate_Management_Agreement.pdf

How much does it cost?

$20- per month, per unit, fixed for the term of the management contract, and included as a part of your monthly or quarterly strata fees.

That's 67 cents a day, per unit!

There are no other costs for:
* meetings (even if outside of business hours - as they usually are),
* audits,
* renewing insurance policies or submitting claims,
* arranging maintenance or repairs,
* dispute mediation,
* tax returns,
* postage,
* photocopying,
* telephone calls,
* holding your funds in our trust account,
* account set ups,
* following up strata arrears or engaging collection agencies.

Please note, depending upon the circumstances, any legal costs necessary to attend Court, or in preparing for legal action, on the Strata/Community Corporation's behalf may be charged on a "at cost plus 11%" basis.

One of our competitors offers a cost comparison of the larger management firms operating in Adelaide. You may like to click on the link below to compare our fee structure to these.



If you are happy with our service, please let us know for our testimonials page. If you are not happy, please tell us so we can continue to improve.
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