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These are the most commonly asked questions we receive....
these answers may help you.

"your fees are $20pm/unit....what extra costs will I have to pay?"

Our fee is $20pm/unit TOTAL....no audit fees, no disbursement fees, no meeting fees, no tax return fees, no bank fees, no other management fees at all.

"what will my strata fees per quarter be under your management?"

Every group of units is different. How much gardening do you need? Is there public lighting? Is SAWater paid from strata fees or is each owner billed directly by SAWater? Is your group an older building, with more upkeep than other groups?

The best guide is to look at your last finance report (from AGM) and assume all costs are the same but replace all management fees with our fixed fee of $15pm/unit. Could you be saving money?

"can you help us with a fairer way to pay SAWater?"

SAWater bills unit owners in one of two ways - either one bill is sent to the Strata Corporation for all water used, or, each owner gets a bill from SAWater for an equal share of all water used. This can be unfair if owners use very different amounts of water, but the cost of installing individual meters per unit can be very expensive.

We have an arrangement with a local contractor to install a much cheaper sub-meter for each owner that chooses to have one and pay ONLY for water actually used, not a equal share of everyone's usage. 

"how does a common insurance policy work?"

Under a common property policy, only the common property is insured. The following cannot be taken as insurance or financial advice and you should read your own policy documents to check its specific wording. General speaking, the Strata Corporation's buildings cover includes the building itself and any structural improvements, driveways, visitor parking bays, boundary and dividing fences, external fixtures, underground infrastructure, and internal fixtures such as kitchens.

Owners are encouraged to insure their contents, such as internal fittings, floor coverings, and furnishings, which are not covered by the Strata Corporations's building cover.

In a Community Title group, owners insure their own buildings as well as their contents. A common property policy in a Community Title group covers only such common areas as fences, driveways, and underground main infrastructure.


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